Thursday, February 26, 2009

Integrating NEAT Into Everyday Life

This week we are looking at ways to integrate NEAT into you everyday activities. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Do carry a shopping basket when you are grocery shopping, Do Not push a shopping cart.
  • Do get out of your car and walk to banks, shops and restaurant , Do Not use the drive through windows at the banks or restaurants.
  • Do walk or ride your bike whenever possible, Do Not always get in the car.
  • Do walk your dog, you can burn 200 calories an hour or 300 calories an hour if you run with your dog, Do Not hire a dog walker.
  • Do park in a central spot when going shopping and walk to the individual shops, Do Not drive to each separate shop, this way you save gas and get more exercise.
  • Do walk or cycle with your children to school and activities, Do Not just jump in the minivan.

All of these a simply listed as suggested ways to increase you daily movements and thereby increase you calories expenditure. We already do some of the them ourselves, and are waiting for warmer weather so that we can begin to try out many of the others. It is kind of fun to go through the list and see how many your are already doing and how many you could easily implement into your everyday life.

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