Monday, November 30, 2009


Just want to let you know about our Holiday Coupon Codes.
First of all if your order totals more than $50. you can use the coupon code
2009HOLIDAY15%OFF and receive 15% off of your entire order!

If you are just interested in purchasing a knitted hat then you can use the coupon code
5DOLLARSOFF+APLACE2BARK2 and receive $5.00 off of the price of the hat plus will will make a matching $5.00 donation to A Place To Bark Animal Rescue in Portland, TN. You can visit the website at By using this coupon you not only get a great deal on a one of a kind Two Artisan Sisters hat, but you will also make our donation to this very worthy cause possible.

One one coupon can be used per order!

Stop by and visit us as we have added many new items in the last few weeks,, just in time for the holidays! Happy shopping!!