Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Wow! It has been ages since I have been able to post on this blog .  Sometime ago Blogger decided not to support Vista and my computer ran on Vista . Anyway I now have a newer computer and it will now work on here so I thought I would try to update things here.  

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and we also hope that everyone has a happy and healthy New Year!  Many things have happened in the intervening time but I am not about to bore you with all of the details , like most folks some good and some bad.  

Our websites are :

I will try to post some widgets on the sidebars on here so that the links are easier to find.   Right now the .com and .net addresses take you to the same website as Artfire stopped allowing urls to transfer to somewhere else so both addresses currently take you to our other Zibbet location .  Once we get this blog updated with all of our store buttons then we will direct the .com address here to this blog. We will let you know when we get that done.  Thank you for your patience.

I will try to post more frequently now that my computer will work on here.  The big news here right now of course is the weather .  We are supposed to get 4 to 7 inches of snow starting early tomorrow morning and running into Sunday morning.  Weather folks here said we are really behind in what we would normally have by this time of year as normally we should have had about 10 inches of snow but we have only had  .9 of an inch of snow !  Guess Mother Nature will see what she can do about catching up over the weekend!  We plan on staying in and staying warm !