Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Artisan Sisters Artfire Mavens Update

This week is Social Media Optimization (SMO for short) week at Artfire. The first installment of information is on blogging and what makes a good and interesting blog. Here is the list of 8 things to remember when you are writing your blog. Here is a brief summary:

  • Be genuine. Write about things that interest you or that you love and enjoy.
  • Be real. Add personal touches to let the readers know the person behind the blog.
  • Have a goal. It can be as simple as "informing my readers" or "thought provoking".
  • Use pictures. Even the most interesting newspaper articles have pictures.
  • Keep it fresh. Update often with new an fun material.
  • Keep it Brief. Usually around 500 words is a reasonable length.
  • Preview your post. By doing this you can catch any errors and fix them before going public.
  • Engage your readers. you can do so by things such as "part 2 coming soon" or"sign this petition" or ask for comments.

We always try to do all of the above but there is always room for improvement and we will certainly try to do so in the future.

Part 2 coming soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Artisan Sisters Selected As Artfire Mavens Marketing Team

Two Artisan Sisters is honored to have been selected as one of Artfire's Mavens Marketing Team. Members of the Maven Marketing team will be privy to insider information about all of the latest happenings at Artfire. The Mavens will be the folks to check with to keep up to date will all of the new developments on the Artfire site! Believe me there is always something new and spectacular going on at Artfire! It is definitely the place to be for both buyers and sellers alike!
This past week the administration has had there tech folks posting lessons for the seller on Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) for short! Wow! Talk about great information! Of course it has meant a great deal of additional work for Two Artisan Sisters as we have had to go back through all of our product listings in order to implement the suggested changes. Now we have to wait and see how long it take to pay off. Check back here often and we will let you know the latest developments!
This past week has been very eventful for Two Artisan Sisters as we have also opened our studios to the International market! Looking forward to finding new customers and friends in far away places!