Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Artisan Sisters Crop Report

Well as you can see this is our first crop of our homegrown green beans. Not a bad crop considering all of the plants are growing in large container pots and not planted in the ground.
Our herb crops are doing well, however our corn crop is not doing too well. Hardly any of the seeds we planted germinated or something got to the seeds before they had a chance to germinate, like maybe birds? Anyway, we only have about a dozen stalks of corn growing and they are not even tasseling yet and all the corn in the farm fields around here are to the tasseling stage. Oh, well maybe we will eventually get a couple of ears of silver queen corn!
Our tomato plants are producing but no great amount as of yet, we keep hoping their production will pick up with the Hot weather, but it does not seem that way. So much for our crop report, we hope that you all are having a good summer! Hard to believe back to school and Fall are just around the corner, especially with all this extreme heat lately!

1 comment:

  1. Well it sounds like your doing pretty good overall. Deer ate the tops off my tomatoes, but they are still producing, nothing ready to pick yet and that is it. It was a very late start for the season, lots of rain, in Southern Oregon.

    Beans look good!